Vero - One app to rules all apps.

Social media is the most powerful tool of the 21st century. If we take away the use of social media, how would news spread so quickly, ad campaigns be so effective, or even social media crazes occur? However, in a market that is heavily saturated a new app has been in development that will be the "ruler" of all social media apps. Introducing Vero, a social networking app that you can share anything, be it pictures, statuses or shopping experiences. To anyone or just your friends with a user friendly adjustment. This revolutionary app is more amazing as it contains zero advertisements. The CEO and founder placed emphasis on the annoyance of advertisements and data mining in this day and age. He believes his new app; at a monthly subscription fee of a few coffees, will be the way forward.

This slight realisation of an all too similar reality to that of a Black Mirror episode comes to mind. The episode depicts everyone using their phone to rate, look and interact with the outside world, which you would imagine is the dystopian future that this app could possibly create. In the meantime, check out the video below and be sure to see this app become a necessity soon. 

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